About trackXperienz

TrackXperienZ is an inspired group that provide the ultimate driving experience for drivers of all levels to share the same passion.  We pride ourselves in giving our guests the ultimate driving experience where they can enjoy their vehicles in a controlled/enclosed environment inside a track circuit.

Founded in 2015, created out of passion for Motorsports, a group of driving enthusiasts decided to take their pride possessions to the track instead of driving on traditional highways and parkways where many hazardous, unforeseen, and dangerous conditions make it an unsafe environment.  We encourage drivers of all ages and experiences to learn more about the capabilities and limitations of their cars while being able to develop a higher level of confidence and car control when taking their car to their higher limits, handling potential, and speeds.

At our trackXperienz events, we promote a very unique driving experience with activities for guests who share a common passion, dedication to this lifestyle, making new gear head friends, amazing fun, networking, and most importantly: sharing a safe day and enjoying their hobby and cars with fellow enthusiasts.

A high-performance driving experience (HPDE) where we are here to share our experiences and support our guests to become a better and a higher level of performer behind the wheel of their cars. Our format is more recreational to giving our guests the ultimate pleasure and experience to taking their vehicles on the track either for the first time or as a veteran driving enthusiast on the track.  TRACK LIFE!

This is a lifestyle that we strive to relish together as Motorsports and driving enthusiasts.  Come join us for a unique experience off and on track. LET’S DRIVE and leave the garage queens at home.