Program/Event Format

Our Program/Format/Regulations/Other FYI:

High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE) is organized in an enclosed track circuit with strict driving regulations and on track passing rules. 

This is a full day or multiple days driving experience where registered guests and participants bring their own vehicles to drive in agreement with instructor’s assistance/guidance, vehicle condition, monitoring, and are grouped by driver’s track experience and ability to maneuver their high-performance vehicles at high speeds around the enclosed circuit. 

Driver’s experience ranges from Novice, Intermediate (A&B), and Advanced.  This grouping procedure is completed prior to date of event with Q&A from organizer. 

This is NOT a competition of any kind and we DO NOT PROMOTE or CONDONE any form of competition or interactive racing at our events. 

At all of our events, INCLUDED are professional photography, event videography, instructors, event souvenirs, hotel discount, sponsor discount, and other event giveaways/special features.

(NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be issued as our events are rain or shine events). First come first serve basis as limited registrations are available to prevent over registered drivers/vehicles for each event.

*Age: 18+ to Drive (with proper valid U.S. Driver's License). You must be at least 18 years old to drive on circuit.  Passengers are permitted (ONLY at NYST) with minimum of 60 lbs (27kg) or 6 years old to ride as a passenger. Drivers must also hold a valid driving license in the country of their residence.

*Registered entry is per driver. Unregistered driver IS NOT PERMITTED to drive at any given time during the event.

No admission fees for passengers and spectators (INVITES ONLY). All drivers and passengers MUST have helmets. Short pants and short sleeve shirts are permitted (ONLY at NYST). Long pants/Long Sleeve shirts are required at NJMP. Proper athletic sneakers and driving shoes must be worn.  No sandals, boots, and high heels are permitted for registered drivers.

Snell SA 2010 Helmets are required at NJMP. All helmets are permitted at NYST.

Each track session will be approximately 20 minutes (depending on the format of the event) and each track session will consist approximately 20-25 cars.

Track running hours is from 9am-12pm, 1pm-5:00 pm. (1-hour lunch break 12-1pm).

Time of Vehicle Tech Inspection is at 7AM SHARP with Mandatory Drivers Briefing/Track Tour to begin at 8AM.

*Tech inspection sheets must be completed/signed by a certified mechanic or mechanic/vehicle repair shop within 2 weeks of event. Form must be brought to tech inspection on the morning of the event.

*DO NOT arrive late to circuit. (*drivers/participants who misses the morning driver's meeting/briefing at 8am WILL NOT be permitted on the track until after lunch break).  It is VERY IMPORTANT for all registered drivers to be in attendance without fail.  Those who miss the drivers briefing will miss the announcement of event format, scheduling, flags presentation, on track passing rules, and other related event updates.

Driver run groups will be assigned based on their track experience in Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

*On track passing for all groups are ONLY permitted based on "POINT BYs" (no exception to this rule as both warning flags and verbal warnings by track officials will be given and dismissals from the event and track facility will be issued).

All events are Rain or Shine event! No refunds or credits will be given if registered participants is a not show.

Damage: Registered drivers, participants, and their guests, are responsible for any damage to NJMP or NYST property including on track and off track.

Open Top or Convertible Cars: Must have approved rollover protection. Please contact the track director for additional information and consult chapter 62.
Convertibles are permitted. Passengers are permitted (see above age/weight guideline) at NYST. No passengers permitted at NJMP unless he or she is a certified instructor. Helmets are mandatory for both drivers and passengers.

GAS is not available for sale at NYST (closest gas station is 4 miles away). Suggest bringing extra fuel to the track if you do not intend to run out for refueling. *Average vehicle who run in every session for the day will consume 2 full tanks of fuel.

GAS is available for purchase at NJMP. Please check with organizer on availability.

WARNING: The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and any type of illegal substance usage are strictly prohibited during the event and on the track facility. Individuals caught in violation of any of the above will be immediately dismissed from the event and property of NYST and NJMP.